Upgrading Greenplum for Kubernetes

This topic describes how to upgrade to a new release of Pivotal Greenplum for Kubernetes. Upgrading is a two-part process that first involves installing and upgrading to the new Greenplum Operator resource. After upgrading the Operator, you use the new Operator software to redeploy any existing Greenplum clusters.

Note: After the Greenplum Operator is upgraded, you can continue running existing Greenplum for Kubernetes clusters that were deployed using the previous version of the Greenplum Operator. However, you cannot make any changes to the Greenplum cluster deployment manifest until you upgrade the cluster itself. Schedule and complete the upgrade of Greenplum clusters as soon as is convenient, and before you upgrade the Operator to any later future of the software.

Note: After upgrading Greenplum for Kubernetes, you can also rollback to the previous version software if necessary. To rollback to the previous version, use the same upgrade instructions, but treat the older version of Greenplum for Kubernetes as the version to which you are upgrading. Keep in mind that when you upgrade or downgrade any deployed Greenplum cluster, you must first delete the deployed cluster and then re-create it with the desired Greenplum operator software, as discussed in Upgrade a Deployed Greenplum Cluster. However, your cluster data and state remain unchanged during the upgrade process.

Follow these procedures to perform a full upgrade of Greenplum for Kubernetes:

Step 1: Upgrade the Greenplum Operator resource
Step 2: Upgrade Deployed Greenplum Clusters