Deploying Pivotal Greenplum for Kubernetes Using the Operator (Preview)

In a future release of Pivotal Greenplum for Kubernetes, the Operator will deploy all of the Greenplum cluster. At present, it is a work in progress: it deploys only a sample container to a single pod. However, you can optionally use the current Operator to preview the deployment process for future releases.


The Operator can deploy Pivotal Greenplum to Minikube, PKS on GCP, or GKE on GCP. The requirements for deploying to these systems are the same as for deploying using the script. See the relevant section for detailed Prerequisites:


Use helm to install the Operator:

  1. Create a file in the workspace directory like workspace/operator-values-overrides.yaml and add a line in it to indicate the container registry into which you uploaded the Operator image and greenplum-instance image, including any organization name. For example, with Google Cloud Registry, and project “my-project”, the proper registry entry would be:

  2. Refer to this new file in the helm command that installs the Operator:

    $ helm install -f workspace/operator-values-overrides.yaml --wait operator/

    Upon success, a message will appear with a link to this documentation.